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Ex-NYC Mayor Bloomberg Snags Historic London Mansion

Ex-New York City mayor, business tycoon, and secret knight Michael R. Bloomberg has been up to some real estate mischief in London, recently purchasing the onetime home of novelist George Eliot—author of Middlemarch— at number 4 Cheyne Walk in the English capital. The New York Times reports that the former mayor paid a handsome $25M for the historic pad. The 7-bedroom, 5-bathroom, Grade II-listed (that’s very historic for us Yanks) home is “one of the oldest in [London’s] Chelsea [neighb’]” according to the listing. The listing also notes that the 18th-century, 6,266-square-foot manse is one of the neighborhood’s widest, encompassing four bays (as it did when it was first constructed), and comes with a three-car garage, 92-foot-long rear garden. We’d expect nothing less.


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