Everything We Know about Apple’s Plans to Change How We Watch TV – Tim Stenovec

There’s little question at this point that Apple is working on building a streaming TV service.

The company is known for taking products with frustrating and unfriendly user experiences — for many Americans, cable and satellite TV service would definitely fall into this category — and creating beautifully designed products and services that appeal to millions of people.

If Apple were to come out with a streaming TV service, it could have broad implications across the TV industry. As soon it’s released, millions of people will be able to choose another company to pay for their TV. The competition may force pay TV companies like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DirecTV, which traditionally haven’t had much competition, to offer smaller, more flexible packages, improve customer services, and perhaps even lower fees and prices.

Apple hasn’t said anything publicly about a TV service, but there are plenty of rumours and leaks about what it could look like.

Check out everything we think we know about Apple’s rumoured TV service.

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