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Amazon Is Testing Out One-Hour Booze Delivery – Clint Rainey

In its quest to be all-things-delivery to all Prime-membership-paying people, Amazon is breaking into the instant-alcohol market. Yesterday it released its Prime Now one-hour delivery service in Seattle, but with a serious upgrade: the ability to summon beer, wine, and liquor to one’s doorstep in an hour.

Like every order on the Prime Now app, delivery costs $7.99 (or nothing, if you can somehow wait two hours instead of just one). As Amazon’s press release explains, alcohol is one of several products available immediately to Seattle-area Prime members: “Residents of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland can now get one-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items like paper towels, wine, beer, chilled and frozen items like milk and ice cream, televisions, and Kindle devices.” In a selfless act of service journalism, the Seattle-based team at GeekWire already ordered a bottle of Absolut and some OJ, reporting that everyone was pounding screwdrivers in the break room in just 34 minutes.

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