The Ultimate Guide to Streaming

Catch-up TV guide: from Public Morals to Narcos – Luke Holland

TV: Public Morals

Created by and starring Edward Burns, this new TNT series is a diverting period affair, set in 1960s New York and concentrating on the doings of the police department’s public morals division. Sounds saucy, right? Sure enough, these intrepid cozzers often find themselves in compromising situations. And they don’t always make their excuses and leave. Because where would be the fun in that?

Video: Searching For Spitman

What to make of this bizarre, disturbing Vice documentary? Is there really a man called Spitman who has spent the last decade wandering the estates of west London, offering the area’s skint youths money to perform fetishistic acts for his gratification? Where’s his cash coming from? Is he exploiting these youngsters or are they exploiting him? None of these questions are really answered in the film, but prepare for a queasy slice of urban ennui.

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