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Embrace Nordic Noir For Autumn/Winter ’15 –


If you haven’t yet discovered the works of Stieg Larsson, Jo Nesbø and Henning Mankell – among many other Scandinavian crime masters – you are missing out. Scandinavian Noir has been here for, oh, decades now, but its power and charm never fades it seems.

There is more to Scandinavian crime lit than just morally-complex and exceptionally-dark stories – the decor inspiration and iconic design it brings are also to die for (see what I did there?)

BBC 4 afficionados will already know these, but if you are if you are a Nordic Noir novice, and want to penetrate the innerworkings of the Northern mind and gawp at some fantastic interiors, make sure you add these series to your winter watchlist: 1864, VAN VEETEREN, THE LEGACY, CRIMES OF PASSION, UNIT ONE, THE PROTECTORS, ANNO 1790, MAMMON, SEBASTIAN BERGMAN, WALLANDER, THE BRIDGE, ARNE DAHL, THE KILLING, THOSE WHO KILL. As you might have guessed from these titles already, lots of humans die at the hands of less than humans. But they do so in some magnificent interiors.

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