Jean-Georges Raises Prices, Hints at Further Hikes As Minimum Wage Increases – Ryan Sutton

The cost of dining out in New York is rising as wages for the lowest-paid cooks, dishwashers, and porters go up, and as larger pay hikes are set to take effect for waiters, bussers, and bartenders in 2016. And so the latest example of restaurants passing along these higher labor costs to consumers is the three Michelin-starred Jean-Georges, where dinner and lunch menus have increased by $10 across the board.

Lunch at Jean-Georges, previously $48, or $38 in early 2014, or $28 in the late-aughts, is now $58 for two courses, with additional plates at $29 apiece (up from $24). Dinner, in turn, is $138 for four courses (up from $128), with both tasting menus now priced at $218. The price of the nightly wine pairing has risen by ten bucks as well, to $158. So a fully loaded dinner date for two, after pairings, tax and tip, will now run $969, up from $918.

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