Reviews for Superiority Burger, Faro, Almanac, and More – Greg Morabito

As noted yesterday, Pete Wells is impressed by the seasonal vegetable dishes that Brooks Headley and his team are turning out at Superiority Burger in the East Village. Here’s Wells on the “Superiority Wrap”: “The rice has an excellent nutty taste. Shredded cabbage has a refreshing effect. A streak of bright tahini whirred with roasted sweet and hot peppers cuts through the tofu like a searchlight. And I loved the playful sweetness provided by a vein of candied sunflower seeds.” Two stars.

Gael Greene likes a lot of the Southern-style dishes she samples at The Heyward in Williamsburg: “The shrimp and grits cooked in a buttery shrimp broth are especially lively, with the addition of chorizo and shishito peppers. Only the fried green tomatoes, served alongside fresh cut tomatoes stoked with buttermilk ricotta, seem a little stodgy.”

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