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Stephen Colbert takes over “The Late Show” tomorrow: Here’s everything we know about his new tone and style


salon.com – Anna Silman

Stephen Colbert doesn’t make his official CBS debut until tomorrow, but the host ran a number of test shows in New York leading up to his revamped “Late Show” premiere. Despite guests being sworn to secrecy about what went on in the hallowed (and renovated) halls of the Ed Sullivan theater, plenty about the show has already leaked out. With some help from several preview attendees who have asked to remain anonymous, here’s what we know so far:

You’ll recognize the guy onstage

Despite having shed his conservative blowhard persona, the real Stephen Colbert has a lot in common with his old “Colbert Show” counterpart. “The warmhearted narcissism, the sharp-witted criticism of politicians and the biting jokes about current events are still all there,” observes Brian Ries at Mashable. “His patriotism is very much alive. And Colbert, even on a bigger stage and with a bigger audience, remains comfortable and at ease.”

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