The Uber-Taxi War: Bye-bye Yellow Cab?

Thousands Of NYC Taxis Are Getting An App That’s A Lot Like Uber

gothamist.comIt’s been completely legal to develop a ride-hail app for yellow cabs since the spring of 2013. First Uber stepped in with UberT, then Hailo stepped in to challenge it. Still, only five taxi apps have managed to get TLC approval in the years since, and even Hailo, the most promising, shrugged and gave up on NYC last fall.

Now Arro, a new app participating in the TLC’s e-hail pilot program, is hoping to make the experience of summoning a yellow or green cab as similar to calling an Uber as possible, minus the surge pricing. Crain’s reports that when a potential rider opens Arro, a nearby cab driver will get the rider’s name, address, and cross street. In turn, the rider gets the driver’s name and the cab’s ID number. The app’s aerial map, dotted with little yellow cab icons, looks very familiar.


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