Election 2016

Sarah Palin and Scott Walker Unleash the Stupid on Foreign Policy


esquire.com – Charles P. Pierce

Some of this stuff is hard to believe.

Honest to god, in just a couple of days, we all were walked through Grand Rounds in the public wards containing people most seriously ill with the prion disease that afflicts the Republican party and that is eating steadily away at the party’s higher cognitive functions. These are cases that one day will appear in medical textbooks with the names of the patients blacked out. S.W., for one. And M.H. And, especially P. D of the N.

Let us begin with S.W., the g-e h hired by Koch Industries to manage their Midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin. Once highly touted by skeevy old bloggers as a real threat for the Republican nomination, S.W. has run a campaign that is a perfect reflection of the candidate himself – slow-witted, dumb as a sack of hair, and dull as a medieval butter-knife. He was asked the other day about what he would do, if he were president, about the refugee crisis exploding out of the Middle East. This is what the putative leader of the free world said.

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