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Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Week So Far – Izzy Grinspan

It’s hard to believe that only a week ago, we were drinking beer on beaches, in deep denial that summer was about to end. Back then, before Givenchy’s favela, before Alexander Wang’s pole dancers, all we knew about what designers had in store for spring 2016 was a series of vague inspirational images and a few words. We were as innocent and wholesome as Lucky Blue, the Mormon wonder boy who is so perfect that rain cannot frizz his platinum locks.

And just look at us now, living in a brave new world in which everybody seems to have the latest Apple Watches, fashion vapes, and dresses that react to your mood. Our panel of experts are busy weighing in on their favorite things each day. There are hot guys at runway shows and hot dogs at parties. There’s even a new “It” brand to pair with your Mansur Gavriel bags (trust us, we’re good at calling these things).

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