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Video: Texas Cheerleaders Perform Cringeworthy 9/11 Cheer Routine – Ben Yakas

Straight from the What The Hell Were They Thinking files: a Texas cheerleading squad performed a routine this week commemorating 9/11, which was set to audio from that day—including terrified phone calls, news reports, and statements made by President George W. Bush. The routine was enthusiastically uploaded on Friday, and has now been viewed over 19 million times. Watch this nightmare routine below.

Here’s another view of it, because who could be sated by just one perspective of a trainwreck.

As Buzzfeed notes, members of the Lumberton High School cheerleading squad were very proud of the routine, encouraging people on social media to view it. “It means so much to coach the type of girls who can make such an impact on so many American lives,” the squad’s coach Lauren Sheffield wrote on Facebook, marveling at all those clicks.

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