The Buying of the Presidency

Media Starting To Question Super PACs’ Influence On Election Before Spending Has Even Really Begun –

Scott Walker’s early exit from the presidential primary has led some media outlets to conclude that super PACs may not be having as big an effect on the 2016 campaign as it was once thought they would. However, it’s far too early to judge super PACs’ influence because many of these outside groups have not yet begun to spend the tens of millions of dollars they’ve already raised in preparation for the fight ahead.

In the case of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the media has largely focused on how his Unintimidated PAC appears to have failed, pointing out that while deep-pocketed outside groups can provide a boost in advertising, they cannot legally help with some of the most basic functions needed to keep a campaign functioning. As the New York Times reported, “Super PACs, Mr. Walker learned, cannot pay rent, phone bills, salaries, airfares or ballot access fees.” Political reporters pointed out that even the Walker PAC’s success in raising over $20 million couldn’t prevent its candidate’s eventual withdrawal from the race.

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