The Ultimate Guide to Streaming

On the Roku 4, new shows come to you – Adam Epstein

Access to hundreds of shows and movies is great, but perhaps the most frustrating thing about streaming media boxes is figuring out what to watch.

Players Roku 4, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV all incorporate some version of universal search, which allows you to simultaneously scan all your streaming apps for content. Now, Roku has taken things a step further, adding what may be the best discovery feature ever put in a streaming media player: a feed.

The Roku 4, announced today (Oct. 6), has a new feature called “Roku Feed.” When you bookmark your go-to TV shows or movies, Roku will send you notifications—in the form of a feed, not unlike RSS or Twitter—that tell you when and how that content becomes available. It will also notify you when the price of the content changes. You can access this feed on both the actual Roku home screen and from the Roku mobile app.

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