House of Bush 3.0

Why Jeb Bush Is The Worst Major Presidential Candidate We’ll Ever See – @LOLGOP

In retrospect, maybe we weren’t fair to Mitt Romney.

The 2016 GOP primary, featuring the rise of Donald Trump and the floundering of Jeb Bush, has revealed that Mitt wasn’t so terrible a candidate compared to this year’s crew of birthers, war-mongers, theocratic dominionists, and delusional tycoons — including some who fit all four categories.

We made fun of the former governor of Massachusetts in 2012 as he was eclipsed, one by one, by a parade of bumbling wannabes, despite spending tens of millions of dollars more than any of his opponents. We mocked his robotic lack of charm, his inability to empathize with millions of workers suffering as the result of conservative policies, and his willingness to heed the same Bush/Cheney foreign policy team that lied us into Iraq.

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