Netanyahu did everything but use the ‘n-word’ against Obama to stop the Iran Deal — Susan Rice – Philip Weiss

Dennis Ross, positioning himself to serve Hillary Clinton, makes out the Obama administration as too hostile to Israel in a book excerpt that is up at Politico that concludes: “we damaged our relationship with Israel far more than we needed to.”

The piece is titled “How Obama Got to Yes on Iran, the Inside Story,” and the material is all out of date. Ross left the administration years ago. The man who was once called “Israel’s lawyer” tells his story from the perspective of Israel and its lobby, and says that Israel started getting the brush from the Obama administration after Tom Donilon stopped serving as national security adviser and Susan Rice took over. Donilon would have smoothed things over with Israeli PM Netanyahu and assured him that the US would use force against Iran. But Rice and Obama didn’t want to use force.

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