The Iran Deal

The Post’s Jason Rezaian held nearly 444 days, the duration of Iran hostage crisis – WashPostPR

Friday, October 9 marks the 444th day of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian’s unlawful imprisonment in Iran. Rezaian, a private citizen and fully accredited journalist, will have been held for the same amount of time as U.S. government employees during the Iran hostage crisis of 1979-1981, a milestone significant in its injustice.

“We again call on Iran to release Jason without further delay. Jason has been subjected to a secret, sham trial, solitary confinement, relentless interrogations, physical mistreatment and psychological abuse. His trial concluded almost two months ago, yet still no verdict has been rendered. That he has been imprisoned as long as those taken during the hostage crisis decades ago should be cause for shame and outrage,” said Martin Baron, executive editor, The Washington Post. “Jason is innocent, and he deserves to be freed immediately.”

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