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Room with a view but no bars: Developers add antennas to fix cell service in high-rises

therealdeal.comSo you dropped half a million on a condo on the 30th floor, but you can’t use your cell phone.

It’s a sacrifice many buyers aren’t willing to make. To guard against shoddy cell phone service in towering high-rises, developers are adding distributed antenna systems (D.A.S.) to new buildings. The systems — about the size of a smoke alarm — are installed on each floor of a building, bringing wireless service to tenants.

Among those safeguarding buildings is Worldwide Group, which is paying $1.8 million to include D.A.S. at 252 East 57th Street, the New York Times reported. The building, which topped out last week at more than 700 feet tall, has 93 units and a projected sellout of $782.9 million.

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