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10 Great Films About The Cold War – Tyler Coates

Steven Spielberg’s latest historical epic Bridge of Spies hits theaters this weekend, highlighting the infamously tense period of American history in which our country had a terse relationship with the Soviet Union. Spanning decades of competitive space exploration, international eavesdropping, and nuclear dick-measuring, the Cold War fueled a lot of paranoia on both sides of the Atlantic (in the high school that was world politics, imagine how awkward those tiny European countries felt sitting at the lunch table between mean girls like the USA and the USSR). While tensions between the East and West eased after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the Cold War inspired plenty of cinematic responses to international relations — both during and after the uneasy time in our shared history. (The success of FX’s The Americans and Spielberg’s upcoming film proves that there’s no letting up anytime soon.) Here are ten films that commented upon the era, using the Cold War as a historical basis or as mood board fodder for artistic expression.

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