The Buying of the Presidency

Charles Koch Misleads CBS On Dark Money And Oil Subsidies –

In an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, oil industry billionaire Charles Koch made two false or highly implausible claims that were not addressed by CBS’ Anthony Mason: that all of his political spending is “reported” and that he opposes all government subsidies. In reality, Koch-backed dark money groups are heavily involved in elections, and Koch Industries officials have lobbied to protect oil industry subsidies.

Koch Claims: All Of His Political Spending Is Publicly Reported

Koch On Political Contributions: “What I Give Isn’t ‘Dark.'” CBS Sunday Morning aired the first portion of an interview with Charles Koch on October 11, during which Senior Business Correspondent Anthony Mason asked Koch: “Do you think it’s good for the political system that so much [of] what’s called ‘dark money’ is flowing into the process now?” Koch responded: “Well, first of all, what I give isn’t dark. What I give politically, that’s all reported. It’s either to PACs or to the candidates. And what I give to my foundations is all public information.” [CBS Sunday Morning, 10/11/15]

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