House of Bush 3.0

Jeb Bush raises a disappointing $13 million in the third quarter, a sharp drop-off – Tory Newmyer

The one-time frontrunner is no longer lapping the field in fundraising.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush raised $13.4 million in the third quarter of the year, surpassing most of the rest of the field while sharply underperforming his own record earlier this year.

The haul, which his campaign announced Thursday afternoon, is second only to the roughly $20 million retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson raised in the same period.

In a troubling sign for Bush, he burned through roughly $11.5 million of his stash from July through September, to end the period with $10.3 million in the bank. In terms of his available cash, Bush started October behind Texas Sen. Ted Cruz ($13.5 million), Carson ($11.5 million), and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio ($11 million).

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