Election 2016

Laura Ingraham and Fox News have a dumb new lie (that sounds a lot like one of their greatest hits)


salon.com – Amanda Marcotte

By all accounts, the biggest loser from Tuesday night’s Democratic debate was the Republicans. The Democrats discussed the issues and argued with each other while mostly avoiding personal attacks. It was hard not to draw a mental contrast between these adult-acting Democrats and Republicans, who can’t even get it together to elect a House Speaker and whose primary process is dominated by a man who makes facetious remarks about the Holocaust and a literal reality TV star.

In response, conservative media and politicians are just doubling down on the lame politics of resentment, accusing Democrats of wanting to give away “free stuff.” The problem is that what they are describing as “free stuff” is actually the opposite: Democratic ideas are all about helping people work. Sneering at people’s ambitions and desire to work hard as “free stuff” is not going to help overcome the image of conservatives as a bunch of ideologues who don’t have the maturity to understand complex issues, much less come up with solutions to help make this country more productive and fairer to everyone.

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