Election 2016

Snap Judgment: The Pats Deflate the Colts in Indy

grantland.comAfter all the hot air dispersed about cold air over the past 10 months, there was a lesson for the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night. It is not about the ideal gas law. It is not about secret cameras or Gordon Liddy black ops the day before the game. It is not about wiretapped locker rooms or purloined playbooks, or the rest of the alleged Jedi mind tricks that have allowed Bill Belichick to set up light housekeeping in the minds of every other coach in the National Football League. None of that is the reason the Colts cannot beat the New England Patriots. The reason Belichick keeps beating Indianapolis like a cheap tin drum is that his teams never do something as prime, Grade A meatheaded as what the Colts did on a critical possession last night.

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