Election 2016

There’s a Limit to Everyone’s Liberalism. Osama bin Laden Was Mine.

esquire.com​The ever-essential Charlie Savage of The New York Times had a great story on Thursday about the process that the administration went through prior to deciding to kill Osama bin Laden. Savage’s story is especially interesting because he lays out how that process inevitably led to bin Laden’s being killed rather than captured.​

Ms. DeRosa wrote a memo on plans for detaining Bin Laden in the event of his capture. But in a sign of how little expectation there was for his survival, the administration made no hard decisions. The plan was to take him to the brig of a naval ship for interrogation and then figure out how to proceed. The lawyers also considered writing a memo describing their earlier analysis about what to do with any other living prisoners taken out of the compound, but did not write it because the final plan did not call for the SEALs to leave with anyone else.

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