Election 2016

About Those Russian Warplanes ‘Dangerously Close’ to a U.S. Aircraft Carrier

esquire.comI went to a Catholic school as a child. It was ugly. The rules of the game at St. Joan of Arc’s would make The Hunger Games look mild. But those who survived, well, for the rest of their lives they knew a bluff when they saw it. I am one.

NBC just posted the headline, “Two Russian Warplanes Edge Close to U.S. Aircraft Carrier.”

Two Russian bombers, creaking artifacts in fact, flew near one of our carriers.

Ohhhh, Halloween Scary! Yeah. No.

So let us be clear: This aircraft, not stealthy, not even really modern (it’s a 1968 design, which makes it a year younger than my old ass), is worthy of news? No. Here is why.

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