Election 2016

What Does Jeb Bush’s Team Know About Marco Rubio?

esquire.com​Oh, Jebby, Jebby, Jebby. Oh, John Ellis Jebby. Oh, poor Jeb(!). The ship is deserting the sinking rats.

Michael Catanese of US News has a nifty scoop today. He got his hands on a 112-page briefing paper of some sort from the Bush campaign. In it, we find some oppo research on Marco Rubio, some internal polling data from the early states (The New Hampshire numbers are especially interesting.), and plans for a massive nationwide ad blitz after the first of the year. In all, the document seems measured and quite well-informed. It also describes a very conventional campaign in a very unconventional year, and it doesn’t take into account the very plausible notion that the candidate himself is not wild about campaigning for president in the current context. But the leak itself fairly reeks of some staffer’s desire to polish up his or her resume for whatever the next job will be. The clear subtext of it is, “Hey, here are the great ideas I had, if only the candidate weren’t such a yutz and if only everybody else running the campaign except me were not an idiot.” This is the kind of thing that invariably happens when a campaign is taking on water as fast as the Bush campaign is.

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