Election 2016

Cool Candidate Jeb (! ) Bush Taught a ‘Selfie Training Class’

esquire.comIt’s a classic TV trope: A nervous young man is about to go on a first date, but doesn’t know what he’s doing. He starts acting erratically, saying awkward things. He seeks counsel. “Just be yourself,” some well-meaning authority figure tells him. It’s a heartwarming gesture. It’s also, quite often, really bad advice.

The Jeb (!) Bush campaign, having tried pretty much everything else—Jeb (!) as Mr. Reasonable; Jeb (!) as The Serious Candidate; Tough Jeb (!), who’s going to take on Donald Trump and Marco Rubio; #JebCanFixIt—has rolled out a new initiative: #JebNoFilter. It involves posting clips of Jeb (!) just being himself (i.e., speaking to ultra-rich campaign donors) and promoting them aggressively on his social media channels.

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