Election 2016

I’m Not Too Impressed by the Benevolent Overlords of Minneapolis

esquire.comCall me paranoid, but I found The New York Times’s tale of the gnomes of Minneapolis just a little unnerving. It certainly makes me curious about the future of democratic government.

Every Friday morning, 14 men and women who oversee some of the biggest companies, philanthropies and other institutions in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding area gather here over breakfast to quietly shape the region’s economic agenda. They form the so-called Working Team of the Itasca Project, a private civic initiative by 60 or so local leaders to further growth and development in the Twin Cities. Even more challenging, they also take on thorny issues that executives elsewhere tend to avoid, like economic disparities and racial discrimination. Think of it as The Establishment 2.0: more diverse than the nearly all-white and male establishment of old, to be sure, but every bit as powerful, and just as invisible when need be.

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