Election 2016

Marco Rubio Floats a Terrible Idea in Service of Two Very Bad Ideas

esquire.comIt’s been an interesting couple of days here for Marco Rubio, No. 1 contender for the lightweight crown among the Republican presidential contenders. First, The Washington Post pops this story about how young Marco helped his brother-in-law, a major dope smuggler and distributor, get a real-estate license once the guy got out of prison. There are many ways this story could be played in our politics, many of them odious. (Cubans! Drugs! Crockett and Tubbs! Etc.) Orlando Cicilia, the outlaw brother-in-law, was a certified bad-ass whose minions took an informant apart with a chain saw. But he did his time, and, over at his blog, Martin Longman asks the only question worth asking about the whole story—namely, did Rubio and his family profit in anyway from Cicilia’s crimes? Given Rubio’s curious history handling money, this is not a question that campaign should want to leave open for very long. But everybody else should lay off the generalized Cubans-equal-smugglers dogwhistles. They’re pretty unseemly. That means you, too, vulgar-talking yam.

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