Election 2016

I Skipped the Debate. I Went to the Trump Show. Here’s What Happened.

esquire.comDES MOINES, IOWA—I blew off most of the debate on Thursday night, choosing instead to stand in a concert hall on the campus of Drake University and watch the ritual gelding of Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. Both of them, fresh off the JV debate downtown, which is humiliating enough, decided to show up and play cameo roles in He, Trump’s counterprogramming on the northwest side of town. He invited them up on stage. He told them where to stand. He told them when to speak. They complimented him on the wonderful work he was doing for The Vets. He told them how much he liked beating them like drums on “the trail.” (No, really, he said that.) He did everything except dress each one of them like an organ grinder’s monkey and have them do a little dance. If he does nothing else in this campaign, He, Trump has let all the air out of two political careers so puffed up with cheap sanctimony that it’s a wonder both these guys long ago haven’t floated off to the moon.

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