Election 2016

On the Ground in New Hampshire, Getting the Low-Down from the Trump Fans

esquire.comNASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE—They started arriving before dawn, the lure of an audience at the Radisson’s sham castle impossible to resist. Soon they were backed up on Tara Blvd, creating a logjam on Innovation Way, abandoning their vehicles in the parking lots of neighboring office buildings and on the side of the road. It wasn’t as bad as earlier this month, when the Trump campaign issued more than 20,000 tickets to a Burlington, Vermont, venue that could only accommodate 1,400 (“If Phish was holding a free concert at the Flynn and gave away 20,000 free tickets, we would cancel the event out of public safety concerns,” Police Chief Brandon del Pozo told the Burlington Free Press. “We are committed to accommodating the campaign because political speech is the very essence of the First Amendment.”) But still it was clear that the Trump campaign had distributed hundreds more tickets than the 800 or so the ballroom could hold.

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