Election 2016

Should The Times Have Been a Tougher Watchdog in Flint?

publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.comUpdated, 4 p.m.

Almost a year ago, last March, The Times published a frightening article about the drinking water in Flint, Mich.

Here’s an excerpt:

When fecal coliform bacteria showed up in parts of the city last summer, residents were told to boil their water before using it. Officials addressed the issue by pumping extra chlorine into the system, but in solving one problem, they created another.

The high chlorine levels led to elevated levels of total trihalomethanes or T.T.H.M., which required another public notice in January. Residents will again receive a notice of elevated T.T.H.M. levels in the mail later this month, Mayor Dayne Walling has said. Long-term consumption of water with high T.T.H.M. levels can lead to liver or kidney troubles and an increased risk of cancer, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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