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Watch: Donald Trump mercilessly humiliates Chris Christie to his face for a cheap applause line – Sophia Tesfaye

Since making a surprise hostage video-inspired endorsement of Donald Trump earlier this month, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has faced a torrent of criticism from bewildered constituents and Republican lawmakers. Yet, Christie has soldiered on, immediately returning to the campaign trail Monday on behalf of Trump following his weeklong vacation, even as he faced increased backlash for skipping out on the funeral of a New Jersey police officer to do so.

I’m “back to work,” Christie assured his New Jersey constituents from a Trump rally in North Carolina on Monday, dismissing widespread criticism from New Jersey media outlets who feared that he planned to continue ignoring his gubernatorial duties to become a full-time Trump surrogate. While Christie held a Trump town hall in Hickory, North Carolina, he sent his lieutenant governor to attend the funeral of 31-year-old Sean Cullen, a New Jersey state trooper who died last week after being hit by a passing vehicle while responding to a car fire.

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