Election 2016

Seth Meyers Explains How Republicans in Congress Have ‘Paralyzed the Government’

esquire.comWith the 2016 campaign now tumbling into the abyss in excruciatingly slow motion, it’s easy to lose track of pretty much everything else in politics. No one’s enjoying this apocalyptic distraction more than Senate Majority Leader and world’s most influential tortoise Mitch McConnell, who has subsisted on a steady diet of balls-out obstructionism for years. Luckily, Seth Meyers popped up last night to go where no “traditional news program” would dare: Congress.

Congress, you see, is awful.

Meyers cites its 14 percent approval rating in a recent poll, which is actually an uptick from the 11 and 9 percents of days gone by. The House and Senate have achieved this feat of unlikability—which Meyers ranks below “the kid who reminds the teacher they forgot to assign homework”—by refusing to do anything while complaining loudly that government never gets anything done.

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