Election 2016

Canada Is Burning. Sucking More Oil from the Ground Won’t Help.

esquire.comWhen last we checked in on the petro-state of Alberta, in western Canada, there was a huge wildfire burning down the city of Fort McMurray, hub of the tar-sands energy revolution—tar-sands being the poisonous glop various multinationals would like to pump all over the continent through pipelines in order to maintain our addiction to dead dinosaur juice.

Opposition to our old friend, the Keystone XL pipeline—the continent-spanning death funnel and current conservative fetish object—had to do with the inevitability that the pipeline would leak and destroy some of the world’s most valuable farmland. It also had to do with the fact that the content of the pipeline was the dirtiest fossil fuel ever devised and that it was a threat to the planet itself if not left in the ground. Further evidence for the prosecution on that score comes courtesy of the Globe and Mail in Toronto:

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