Election 2016

Louie Gohmert Pretty Sure Space-Queers Wouldn’t Be Very Good At Saving Humanity

wonkette.comWell shitfire and damnation, y’all, Texas Republican Congresshick Louie Gohmert has some thoughts to share about gays, outer space, Matt Damon, and traditional het’rosexual fuckin’! Let’s all take Louie by the hand, so that he might convince us of our errant ways:

God made them male and female. He didn’t mention question marks. […] For our civilized history, people, a man that didn’t know which he was, was pitied, loved, encouraged, but educated people said, “That’s perverse.”

All the love and pity and encouragement that’s been visited upon transgender people throughout history, by folks like Louie Gohmert, it’s overwhelming.

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