Election 2016

Gawker Smeared Me, and Yet I Stand With It

nytimes.comI HAVE been attacked pretty much my entire career by Gawker. I made its list of “least important writers” twice, and it put me in 62nd place on its “worst 100 white men” list, which also included Judas Iscariot and Joe Paterno. Gawker writers have called me a “terrible writer” and a “terrible sexist” and insinuated that my wife wants to stab me.

I thought things might be changing last year, when Gawker’s managing editor and founder, Nick Denton, sent me a surprisingly complimentary email about a piece I wrote for The Los Angeles Review of Books. He ended up holding a book party for me where I met and joked with all the Gawker writers who had publicly insulted me. But it didn’t stop the attacks. Just a month ago its sister site Jezebel wrote a parody of an article I wrote for The Guardian about misogyny in which they called me “Brosephine Baker” (which is, O.K., pretty funny).

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