Election 2016

How South Carolina Failed Its Citizens

esquire.comOne of the most refreshing pieces of real journalism I’ve read in a while comes from The State, the flagship newspaper of the home office of American sedition. During our recent holiday blogging hiatus, the paper took a deep dive into the state of South Carolina’s public services over the past decade. (Judging from the art that accompanied the piece, one can take a fairly deep dive in the middle of a state road these days.)

The state of the state, one can fairly say, is pretty damn sorry.

They are underfunded. They can’t fill vacancies. The salaries they pay are not competitive. Work loads are oppressive, causing workers to quit, and threats to the public to go undiscovered until there is a crisis. South Carolinians are suffering as a result. Rural schools fail their students. Children die while in the care of the state Department of Social Services. Crumbling roads cost some S.C. drivers their lives and, according to a national research group, other residents about $3 billion a year. Dams collapse, causing hundreds of millions in damages. Violent youths riot, torching part of a state facility.

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