Election 2016

America’s $2 billion prize fight

chathamhouse.orgThe morning of the Indiana primary elections began the way that most primary election days begin in the United States, which is to say that it began with a great dearth of actual news. The frenzy of last-minute support-mongering continues behind the scenes, but the candidates hunker down and generally stay away from each other until the vote counts begin to trickle in as the evening fades into the night.

There was no reason to believe that May 11 was going to be any different. However, because this is 2016, and because American democracy apparently has decided to celebrate the nation’s 240th birthday by eating its own entrails, by noon, the Republican frontrunner, a businessman and reality television star named Donald J Trump had accused the father of his closest rival, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, of being vaguely complicit in the assassination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas back in 1963.

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