Election 2016

At Carnegie Hall, a New Leader With a Son Named Hendrix

nytimes.comMr. Smith said his newfound willingness to exert his influence came from a sense of obligation to help those less fortunate.

“When I look at the folks that inspired me growing up, people like Frederick Douglass, they had to stand up and take positions in public in order to make a difference,” he said in an interview. “Part of the responsibility I have, because of the opportunities I’ve been granted, is to take leadership positions and help expand access for others.”

His path to Carnegie began at Petrossian, the restaurant a block north of the hall, where he had lunch a few years ago with Mr. Gillinson. A mutual friend introduced them, since Mr. Smith was interested in music education, a major focus for Carnegie. Mr. Smith joined the board in 2013. Since then he has donated money to expand Carnegie’s Link Up program, which develops music curriculums for more than 90 orchestras around the country, and become a founding patron of the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America, created by Carnegie’s Weill Music Institute. He also had an idea for a new program.

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