Election 2016

Donald Trump Subsists on a Diet of Chaos. Starve Him.

esquire.comOK, so here are my Rules For Radicals:

3) Don’t steal. Buy your own merchandise to burn in protest.

4) Flag-burning? OK constitutionally, ambiguous tactically. Be judicious, and

5) Avoid these things, not because they are politically disadvantageous, though they might be. Avoid them because…they …are… wrong. Also, don’t do any of this shite on national television. The media is not your friend.

Thursday should have been the worst day that He, Trump has experienced on the campaign trail. It began with the continuing drumbeat of news regarding what a tinpot scam Trump University was. Then, in an afternoon speech on foreign policy, Hillary Rodham Clinton removed his viscera and turned it into a lovely wall-hanging, to loud applause and general approbation from a heretofore dubious media claque.

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