Election 2016

Tom Tilden for NDP 2nd Chair

facebook.comI have been Chair of Chairs for the last 8 years for the Nebraska Democratic Party. I only missed one meeting in those 8 years. That meant i have traveled thous…and of miles to do so. I never missed a phone meeting. I was the first Party official to be anti pipeline. I announced that at the Cherry Country Jamboree in August of 2008. Our party at the State Convention in 2010 announced it was against the pipeline. It was an UNANIMOUS vote. Its very important to me has a party leader that we listen to the will and votes of the voters in all aspects in our state party. When our party gave by far a majority vote in our state caucus to Senator Sanders , I listened. I stated in March and i state again at least ONE of our Super Delegates votes must go to Senator Sanders. I am willingly to be that person and if elected to be National Committeeman I will do so. I am PRO 100% the will of the people . That’s what being a Democrat is all about. That is why I have out standing support from Nebraska Democrats from all parts of the state. Both pro Sanders and pro Clinton folks. If we want to win elections and to GROW our party we must change and stop doing things that don’t work.

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