Election 2016

The Passion of Muhammad Ali

esquire.comSoon he was surrounded by little boys, and he staged one impromptu boxing match after the other. He was begged to do the Ali Shuffle. He did the Ali Shuffle, a quick dance for the ring, designed more for showmanship than strategy. “I’m the baddest man in town and I want to whup somebody.” The boys came up to punch him in the shoulder.

He mentions Elijah Muhammad and the kids want to know who he is and he explains that he is the leader. He goes into a proselyting speech, but keeps it short because he loses the attention of the kids very quickly. “Cleanliness, no smoking, no drinking, no stealing, and love for one another,” is the credo of the Muslims, he tells them. For the benefit of the children he has edited out the rest of the dogma: “No prostitution, no fornicating, no homosexuality, no adultery.”

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