Election 2016

Yes, There’s a Wrong Way to Mourn Muhammad Ali

bullettmedia.comWhen I heard the news that Muhammad Ali was in critical condition earlier this week, my first thought was about the passing of one of recent American history’s truly great men. Soon thereafter, my mind turned to what our collective reaction to it might look like. This year, sadly, we’ve had more than our fair share of opportunities to see how it typically plays out as we mourn the loss of beloved public figures, David Bowie and Prince being perhaps the most notable examples. Whenever a celebrity or significant political figure dies, a few things happen: There is, of course, the predictable and instantaneous explosion of grief on social media. But shortly thereafter comes the meta response, wherein we begin to react to the reactions, to police the grieving of others, weeding out those whose expressions are deemed authentic, and those that are mere performative attention-seeking.

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