Election 2016

Muhammad Ali was the greatest — and it was never enough

foxsports.comEditor’s note: As a kid reporter in Louisville, Ky., Dave Kindred began writing about Muhammad Ali in 1966. He never stopped. He covered 19 Ali fights, including 10 for the heavyweight championship. Here, Kindred (special to FOX Sports) pays homage to the man he spent much of his life covering.

It was a logging road through a forest in the Pennsylvania mountains, and it was dirt and it was full of ruts where water had washed it out, and we were in a big ol’ boat of a Cadillac on the way to talk to kids at a work camp, and we were bouncing up, down, sideways, with trees coming at us because the road never went straight, and all I know about how fast we were going is that the speedometer needle quivered around the number 80 and I thought it was a good time, before it was too late, to ask Ali, “You ever think of dying?”

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