Election 2016

We Have Reached Peak Political Tastelessness

esquire.comFALSTAFF: I am accursed to rob in that thief’s company: the

rascal hath removed my horse, and tied him I know

Of all the unutterable poltroons trailing in the wake of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, there is none so completely pathetic as Chris Christie, the largely nominal governor of New Jersey. As we all know, Big Chicken has his own problems at home and, other than his demolition of Young Marco Rubio, he hasn’t done much of note in the service of his country.

Now that he’s become the Jack Falstaff to a counterfeit gilt-coiffed Plantagenet, though, Big Chicken needs nobody’s help to look ridiculous. Over the weekend, it seems, Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed sought to get a comment from Big Chicken about what his chosen champion has been saying about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the now-famous Hoosier overseeing the fraud trial regarding Trump University. Hilarity, inevitably, ensued. From BuzzFeed:

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