Election 2016

The Real Reason Bernie Sanders Needs to Get on Board with Hillary

esquire.comThere will be nothing but talk now about how the Democratic Party has to smooth over its intramural Twitter rage and come together to face the common threat to our democracy that is He, Trump. (And I, for one, would give anything to be a fly on the wall Thursday when Bernie Sanders drops by the Oval Office to chat with the president.) Much of that talk will be shallow and useless, and it will be off the point entirely.

The reason for unity against He, Trump is not to be found in an inevitable Politico piece that can nearly deafen you with the sound of axes being ground. (“The candidate was nuts. Please hire me now.”) Neither can it be found in a New York Times piece that finds it offensive that Sanders does not think like The New York Times believes he should think. It could not even be found on Tuesday night in California, or New Jersey, or Montana, or both Dakotas, where the combined results fired Hillary Rodham Clinton into history on afterburners.

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