Election 2016

Ali’s funeral shows far-ranging influence

si.comThese examples are good because they demonstrate ways of being prophetic

—Thomas Merton, on Malcolm X, The Springs Of Contemplation.

LOUISVILLE – The sweep of a person’s life can be measured by many things. For example, if it is the weekend of your funeral, and a person wandering through the lobby of a hotel like the Brown here sees Kris Kristofferson being introduced to the president of Turkey, chances are you’ve touched people from many lands and from many walks of life. (It can be assumed that you are a person of some influence if, on the morning of your memorial service, the president of Turkey bails on the event because he was not allowed to play a larger role in it.) There was a sweetness and gentleness to the way this city said goodbye to Muhammad Ali that wrapped itself around everything and everyone the way a steady breeze took the edge of the heat that otherwise sat upon Louisville like a shawl.

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