How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions“T.H.C.R. is a casino and entertainment company,” the lawsuit, filed in 1999, said. “It is not in the business of loaning money. The company desperately needed (and needs) cash to shore up its deteriorating financial condition.” (The suit was dropped in 2000, shortly after Mr. Trump paid the company back.)

Indeed, the company posted losses of $66 million in 1996, $42 million in 1997 and $40 million in 1998. Those losses would continue.

Still, Mr. Trump made money, receiving $1 million a year for what was essentially a part-time job. In 1996, he was paid a $5 million bonus. The public company lent him $3 million to cover costs he had incurred while exploring whether to open a casino in Indiana, then forgave the loan when the stock met price targets.

Russ Buettner

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