Election 2016

Donald Trump’s connection to the maker of the assault weapon used in Orlando

motherjones.comDonald Trump Jr. holding a Sig Sauer MCX at the company’s New Hampshire factory. (His brother, Eric, is second from right.)

In his many public remarks since a gunman carried out the deadliest mass shooting in US history, Donald Trump has not specifically mentioned the weapon used in Orlando: a military-style “Black Mamba” MCX. But Trump is quite familiar with the manufacturer of the rifle, Sig Sauer—he and his sons have used the gunmaker as a backdrop for Trump’s presidential campaign.

Last May, as Trump was poised to launch his presidential bid, he personally toured the Sig Sauer factory in New Hampshire, where the company makes most of its 74,000 semi-automatic rifles sold in the US market. This February, his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric toured the factory, posing for a photo with MCX rifles. And early this year Trump addressed a crowd at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s annual trade show in Las Vegas, where his sons also posed for photos with Sig Sauer representatives.

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